From hearty Tuscan stews to delicate Venetian seafood dishes. No matter where you go in Italy, you're sure to find delicious food that will leave you craving more. Buon appetito!

For Us, It's All About Food & Culture!

Food is not just nourishment in Italy; it's a way of life, a reflection of history and heritage, and a source of joy and connection that brings people together across generations and cultures.

We are foodies!!! When we travel, we love to try the local culture's food and open up our palates to different opportunities and recipes! So, with that said, understand that we saw and took hundreds of pictures of all the churches, cathedrals, museums, etc. over our time in Italy. But I also take pictures of the food that we see and eat as we travel!!! You will be seeing and hearing about the incredible markets and meals we experienced at all the destinations we enjoyed throughout our trip. 

As a foodie and loving cultural foods, I want to mention that we are not high-end priced foodies. That has its place, so I'm not dissing those who are. We prefer traditional cuisine, that represents that culture at a reasonable price. Bottom line, we eat off food trucks and street carts, depending on location. And we've had delicious meals in many places we have visited! In Italy, we did not have a bad meal that wasn't at a very reasonable price! We were actually surprised as we expected prices to be higher for what we were served!

So Not Only Am I A Foodie, I Also Love To Cook -

Especially With My Sidekicks!

John and I have eight grandchildren that we adore.  Four days a week I spend time with three of them, and we do a lot of cooking together. I've a firm believer that kids who help cook are more likely to also (at least) try what they helped create! This also encourages them to try new things outside the "golden arches" and macaroni and cheese out of a box. I also watch a lot of cooking shows that inspire ideas to cook with them during the week. They especially enjoy the kids' cooking shows which inspires them to read cookbooks and create their own recipe ideas. Foods I see and try on our travels also find their way into our meals and they love seeing and talking about all the different options we tried from our pictures. 

I found a child's chef hat in Cinque Terre for the youngest! They all have aprons I made for them.

Cooking with kids is not just about making food; it's about fostering a love of cooking, empowering children to be confident and independent in the kitchen and creating lasting memories together as a family.

Encouraging kids to cook can be a fun and rewarding experience that teaches them valuable life skills, fosters creativity, and promotes healthy eating habits.

Local Markets 


The Bolzano Markets had many different varieties of meats, fruits and veggies I have not seen in the US.

Fish Market in Venice

The street markets we visited were incredible! Fresh, fresh, fresh and about anything you can imagine! This is where I wish I could come for a month and buy and cook with the plethora of options! My personal favorite was Venice and all the seafood! Oh, my goodness! Soooo many choices!!!! I just need to win the lottery!!!! 

Dried pasta, peppers and spices.


The Venice Markets